Do you know what it feels like to be a kid who grew up far from his motherland? I know this exact feeling because I am one of these children.

When I was three years old, my family moved to Russia. In the beginning, I thought the move was a great opportunity. Since then, however, everything has changed… My happy, careless childhood was left behind once I reached the border. In that moment, I realized that life far from Armenian culture, friends, relatives, and especially beloved Armenia is not a satisfying life at all.

Recently, I have thought about my Armenian roots quite often. There is a little voice inside my head, a part of me; it is my Armenian spirit. And that voice desires freedom, the motherland, and it extends to the peak of Ararat.

While living in a foreign country, I became like the others in my surroundings. My roots started to fade away from me, but I desperately tried not to forget my origin: Armenia.

Every summer I visit Armenia. Each time I find new discoveries, I make new friends and meet new people, and I learn more about our traditions.

Based on my experience, I would encourage you to always remember your origin and not to forget who you are, regardless how far you will be from your country and your motherland.