The SunChild eco clubs operate in the Urtsadzor community of the Ararat region, in the Garni community of the Kotayk region, and the Khachik and the Arpi community of Vayots Dzor.
Eco clubs are youth centers implementing environment protection educational projects. A number of courses, meetings, master classes, and summer schools are organized within the framework of the eco clubs.

More than 60 schoolchildren ages 11-14 take part in the courses included but not limited to environmental journalism, social media, photography, film production, project management and computer literacy.

Using the practical application of skills and knowledge acquired from the intensive courses, this young generation voices the nature protection problems of their communities.

Studying the environment with the help of film, writing, and disseminating materials about communities’ nature protection problems, Sun Children are the community advocates for biodiversity protection.

The program has been implemented with the support of US Forest Service and British OSME.

Since 2006 the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) has initiated the establishment of the SunChild eco clubs in the 9 regions of Armenia and Yerevan. Today more than 600 young people are members of these eco clubs. Sun Children have shot more than 50 documentaries which are very effective means of dissemination of environment protection information.  Their films have been presented during various prestigious local and international film festivals and recorded significant success. Some of those films have become preconditions to the solutions of communal nature protection issues.